Note 132(9) : Major Consequences of Antisymmetry


This note develops Doug Lindstrom’s important inference that fundamental potential antisymmetry (paper 131) means no magnetic flux density B on the U(1) level. This means that the electric field strength E is static on the U(1) level, a further erosion of the U(1) theory, because there can be no radiation. If it is assumed that a static electric field strength E does not have a vector potential A, the U(1) assumption, then E also vanishes by antisymmetry on the U(1) level. There is no electromagnetic field on the U(1) level if the correct antisymmetry is used. On the ECE level the magnetic and electric fields are defined directly by their respective spin connections as in eqs. (18) and (19). This inference gives the ECE level Coulomb law of eq. (27), giving spin connection resonance in the electric field through eq. (31). At resonance the electric field strength is amplified.



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