The Collapse of Standard Theoretical Physics


Papers 122 and 131, together with proofs one to five on the home page of, signal the complete collapse of standard theoretical physics on the classical level in both its gravitational and electromagnetic sectors. It has been shown that the connection used in the Einstein field equation is incorrect, and that in consequence the equation is meaningless. Similarly it has been shown that electrodynamics cannot be a theory of special relativity, it must be general relativity. Gauge freedom is meaningless and should be abandoned. ECE theory is therefore the only theory of physics that works at present. I am not saying that ECE is everything, it is just a theory, to be tested against experimental data. As the British Civil List scientist I congratulate the AIAS / TGA group on these major discoveries. I am pleased to announce that my pension has been raised four times in the past four years at the discretion of the British Head of State, Queen Elizabeth. Evans of Glyneithrym


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