The Two Most Devastating Criticisms of the Old Physics


These are in its gravitational and electrodynamical sectors as follows. 1) The Einstein field equation is irretrievably incorrect due to its use of a trivially incorrect Riemannian connection. 2) The potential antisymmetry laws of paper 131 immediately refute U(1) sector symmetry, a symmetry which has been refuted many times by many authors for many years. This refutation is being worked through now in paper 132. This is a chemists’ criticism, open and forthright and direct. Chemists have no difficulty in severely criticising theoretical physics, and have done so for many years. I am not a physicist by choice, but have the same mathematical ability as a physicist. Chemists have more common sense than physicists, who tend to drift off into fantasy worlds of their own creation. This could be safely ignored were it not for the tremendous expense to the taxpayer, expense which is locked into the system. By using the Ockham Razor I have reduced arguments to such simplicity that they cannot be reasonably refuted without almost complete loss if scholarly integrity. This situation is by no means new, my own Ph. D. supervisor Mansel Davies, sometime Fellow of Peterhouse Cambridge, regularly took abstract physicists to the concrete cleaners, as did Fred Hoyle and many others of integrity. The sinister development now is that forthright critics are subjected to criminal activity by a loonie fringe. The police are now on to this.


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