132(11): New Antisymmetries of Riemann Geometry


These are derived straightfowardly in the attached, but are one of those things that have been missed by habit since Riemann’s own time (early nineteenth century). So these are all fundamental discoveries in mathematics, and work their way through into all geometries based on Riemann and Cartan geometries, and also into topologies. Finally it is becoming clear that the Riemann connection itself must have a commutator structure, probably related to commutators of rotation, boost and spacetime translation generators. So the gravitational sector of the old physics collapses in a heap because of its use of an incorrect (arbitrarily symmetric) connection symmetry. Again this leaves ECE as the only correct theory of physics we have. I think that this is obvious to all by now, all scientists that is. We are making major discoveries in a very simple way, and opening up a new era in the natural sciences and engineering. The dogmatists are tagged so there is no need to go on saying this now.



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