133(1): Collapse of Standard Physics


In this note antisymmetry is used in an irrefutable way to show that attempts at constructing unified field theories based on a U(1) electrodynamical sector are irretrievably incorrect. On the U(1) level there are no fields at all due to the antisymmetry (2) of papers 131 and 132. Similarly any attempt at building a unified field theory based on the incorrect Einstein field equation is meaningless, again because of antisymmetry (paper 122). So public funding of all experiments and theory based on this incorrect dogma should be switched to other areas such as chemistry and engineering as soon as feasible. The only correct theory of physics that e have at present is ECE. By general agreement at Craig y Nos on July 7th 2008, it was found that hadronic physics is confined to a small part of nuclear physics. ECE applies to all the natural sciences and various subjects of engineering. In view of Austria’s attempts to withdraw from CERN, serious doubts are cast on CERN’s raison d’etre. Others and myself have shown in great deatil that the theory behind CERN is vacuous nonsense. So as the Civil List scientist I advocate that Parliament cease to fund CERN, and that Britain withdraw from CERN. British Civil List Scientist cc Prime Minister’s Office.



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