Background Notes to ECE Papers


There are about a thousand of these posted on and they give a lot of detail not found in the finished papers. The old physics is shredded completely in many ways in these notes, so no self respecting scientist would continue to use it. Engineers and chemists never use standard theoretical physics, the latter is meaningless dogma which describes things that exist only in the minds of its instigators, they do not exist in nature, and are carefully contrived so as not to be testable precisely. The Higgs boson is one glaring example. It is well known that the old physics is kept alive just be self perpetuating sinecures based on dogma, or making correct noises. The ECE physics has been applied essentially to all the main aspects of physics, chemistry and engineering, and increasingly, ECE scholars are able to do this independently, and make discoveries of their own. ECE has a referee pool of its own, and it own publication system. It uses the website method to bypass the useless expense of dogmatic conferences and all their fuel burning. The B(3) field has been officially recognized by the British Government, so trying to censor it is a waste of time.


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