It is well known that I have been vastly more productive and original than my contemporaries. This is due to discipline and application to work. Only by long and continuous practice does one attain a level of skill adn experience that makes genuine new discoveries. This productivity is due to personal hard work, not due to management of a large group. Although winning a record number of fellowships and producing a record number of papers, I was locked out of the so called University of Wales. So the latter ceases to have any respect because it still tries to say that it supports education. Inherent in human nature is a hypocrisy so deep that society no longer knows what the word means. So drastic reforms are urgently needed. This must come form the Welsh Assembly by law, because it is in charge of education in Wales. My academic contemporaries frequently tried to stop this productivity by pressurizing me to publish less and by eliminating lawful equal opportunity for many years continuously. This is illegal an should be tested in court I have tried finding their publication lists with an electron microscope. The only thing visible usually is a large pension. Impact measures are just not available for those contemporaries who tried so hard to stop the progress of science. They have no websites, no feedback data, no impact. The impact of a paper is measured in real time, not by citations, because citations are allowed only if the correct dogma is reiterated. I cannot see how people who just go from committee to committee every day can ever keep in practice and I see no point whatsoever in advocating incorrect science.


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