Spin Connection Resonance


This phenomenon has been developed in notes 132(9), eqs. (21) ff., in which the Heaviside potentials have been completely replaced by spin connections. This is an obvious major advance in electrodynamics and gravitation. Eq. (31) is one possible Euler Bernoulli resonant structure. Fields are now expressed directly in terms of spin connections. The note has been posted along with all the background notes for paper 132 and is attached for convenience. Alex Hill and his group have kindly typeset notes 1 to 8 of paper 131, notes which completely shred the old U(1) gauge symmetry. To scholars, this symmetry has been known to be obsolete for many years. It continues to be used, and large amounts of public funding are wasted on obsolete and uselessly hyper-abstract standard physics at a time when fuel is running out. I suppose that when no fuel is left, there can be no more pseudoscientific conferences.



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