Advances in the Philosophy of Science


The major advance in the philosophy of science made during the six years of the ECE era is the elimination of any concept which cannot be tested directly by experiment. Francis Bacon could have advised this in the sixteenth century, but during the twentieth century, Bacon’s philosophy was greatly eroded by the indiscriminate introduction into natural philosophy (physics) of what I refer to as “unobservables”. Insofar as is possible, ECE theory is constructed to be free of any concept that cannot be directly tested. ECE is well known already to reduce to all the well tested equations of physics, so in this philosophical sense is a rigorously Baconian theory of nature. ECE is able to produce explanations where the standard model fails, and has changed the face of physics completely in all its sectors. It gives simple explanations where the misnamed “standard model” fails. It should be obvious that any non-Baconian theory will fail, and will not be applicable in engineering. The simple reason for this is that non-Baconian unobservables do not exist and cannot be utilized. There is a long list of unobservables in the thoroughly obsolete standard model. Any theory that is over complicated will have its unobservables and its adjustable parameters. In fact, standard physics consisted almost completely of these ideas and was not physics at all. It was a kind of twentieth century decadence. In the art world such decadence consisted of exhibiting a blank canvass and in the music world, of a performance made up of silence. The most well known unobservables include: strings, superstrings, big bang theory, dark matter theory, indeterminacy, proliferating dimensions, the Dirac sea, negative energy, virtual particles, dimensional regularization, renormalization, the Higgs mechanism, spontaneous symmetry breaking, quark confinement, approximate symmetry, dark flow, dark quanta, and many more. All are idols of the cave and are rejected in the rigorously Baconian ECE theory. bcc PM’s Office


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