133(7) : Various Expressions for the Engineering Model


This is a summary of the ECE engineering model after application of the antisymmetry laws. For example the magnetic field is given in eq. (9), and the electric field in eqs. (16) and (18). The scalar and vector potentials are constrained as in eqs. (19) to (21). If the vector potential is assumed to be zero, the electric field simplifies to eq. (23). There are exactly parallel results for the gravitational and gravitomagnetic fields of the ECE engineering model. The antisymmetry laws constrain the electric field, gravitational field and the orbital Cartan torsion to be shear free as pointed out yesterday by Douglas Lindstrom. On the U(1) level, antisymmetry means that B = 0 and E is static, and if A is assumed to be zero in consequence (the usual U(1) assumption for a static electric field), then E = 0. This is a complete disaster for standard electrodynamics, leaving ECE physics as the only correct theory. The U(1) commutator method itself (e.g. Ryder second edition) was used to produce the antisymmetry law as in paper 132, so twentieth U(1) gauge theory is meaningless, and there is also a complete loss of gauge freedom. Any unified field theory built on a U(1) electrodynamical sector symmetry is automatically incorrect, leaving ECE as the only correct unified field theory. These findings have been accepted at a forthcoming conference, and by feedback it is clear that they have been accepted internationally. So lavish funding of incorrect standard ideas is a great waste of public funding. bcc Prime Minister’s Office


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