15-30May09 USA to www.aias.us


As usual this is a small selection of high quality visits, concentrating on the higher educational and major corporate sectors in the USA. Every month there are over a thousand corporate visits from the USA alone and this level of study of ECE has been going on since its inception in 2003. Clearly, the theory is being utilized industrially and we have formed a company, ECE Technologies Ltd, to develop it (51%owned by Steriwave Plc., www.steriwave.com, 49% by myself). During May to date there has been a total of eighty five university visits from the US. From 15 to 30 May the visits were as follows. Each entry may denote many visits from an individual. The * denotes different computers, same institute. Buffalo, Brigham Young, Cal Polytechnic, Caltech, Central Michigan, Cornell, Depaul, Georgia Tech, Harvard, Johns Hopkins Applied Physics, Lake View College, MIT, North Dakota system, New Mexico Tech, Northwestern*, Nova Southeastern Florida, Stanford, Syracuse*, California university system, Chicago*, UC Santa Barbara, UC San Diego, Illinois Chicago, Micgigan, Minesota Twin Cities, U Penn, US Naval Academy, Texas, Vanderbilt, Washington; US Dept. of Health, NASA Jet Propulsion, Princeton Plasma Physics Lab., Santa Barbara, Gov Virginia, Robins Airforce, Navy NMCI, Allen ISD, Central VAlley School District Washington State, Mansfield School District, US Green Building Council, Adobe Inc., BAE Systems, Botevgrad, City National Bank, Duke Energy, Harris, Honeywell, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft*, Motorola, Scana, Unilever, …………………….


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