Advise Caution about Standard Physics Dogma and Pronouncements


I advise considerable caution about the physics literature in general. The standard physics publishing system is confined now to material which is widely agreed upon to be incorrect on an elementary level. The standard system is arrogant, and therefore irrational and easy to out-argue. The only way to measure the impact of a theory such as ECE is by feedback software, which is very accurate and in real time. Citations and publishing are no longer acceptable, because these cannot occur if new ideas are crudely censored. In consequence the really new physics is being discovered and implemented by people who are often badly maligned and defamed in sites such as wikipedia, “The Sun” of science. It is well known that wikipedia is advised against by reputable universities because of its gross inaccuracy. Anything that is not standard physics is branded by lurid headlines cautioning against “pseudoscience”. Evidently those guys don’t have shaving mirrors. So I am returning the compliment here and cautioning against standard pseudoscience. The ECE theory is driven ahead mainly by Horst Eckardt, Douglas Lindstrom, others on the AIAS working group and myself. The ECE feedback traffic side-tracks any dirt that wikipedia can throw. This is increasingly bizarre and childish, and no one should take any notice of it. We see nonsense papers appearing in standard journals in the guise of “criticism”. One of these claimed that a frame of reference is not Lorentz covariant. If so the whole of relativity would collapse. Yet this nonsense was published. The general idea is to try to brand new scientists as incompetent. It is very easy to rebut anything that the wikipedia censors might like to throw. Standard physics is essentially self published dogma of no scientific repute. Major discoveries are being made and industrially implemented by people who are not physicists and are free of dogma and careerist aims. The wiki site on myself became the most controversial in the world, and was removed. The underhand attacks form wiki then shifted to ECE theory, and now it has tried to censor the existence of AIAS. It has no credibility left at all. It will go on censoring as the petrol burns.


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