Antisymmetry Constraints


These work their way into all aspects of geometry as shown in note 133(8). For example, the Cartan tetrad is irrotational as in eq. (9), and the Cartan spin connection vector is irrotational as in eq. (10). These results also hold for the Riemann torsion and curvature vectors. There are orbital and spin parts to the torsion and curvature, and both types are constrained by antisymmetry. The computational problem for electrodynamics is fully set up in eqs. (29) to (38) of note 133(8). This is also the computational problem for gravitation. The absence of a magnetic monopole and the Faraday law of induction are explained by the geometry of eq. (28). In ECE theory this also means the absence of a gravitomagnetic monopole and a gravitational law of induction. It is known now that the connection is also antisymmetric. The complicated geometry simplifies to the form of the well known MH equations for each index a. This must be of a basis different from the Cartesian basis. An example is the complex circular basis (1), (2), (3). Another is a complex elliptical basis, and no doubt there are others. In electrodynamics these indicate polarization states of the field, and indeed also in gravitation. There is no experimental evidence as yet for gravitational waves. Therefore in designing counter gravitational and new energy devices, it is no known that the governing equations are (29) to (38) of note 133(8). These can now be coded by Doug Lindstrom and Horst Eckardt. In designing a counter gravitational device it must be remembered that the gravitational field is about 21 orders weaker in the lab than the electromagnetic field, but in cosmology this changes. Simple experiments must be kept in mind, for example the Coulomb law off SCR is very accurate, and in the lab, no evidence has been found for any effect of a gravitational field on an electromagnetic field. An example is two interacting charged masses. The Coulomb law is unaffected by the Newton law and vice versa. In our AIAS opinion, only spin connection resonance can change this situation of nature. Eqs. (33) and (35) give a cyclic relation among spin connections. So i urge all corporations ot go ahead – it is known that many thousands, large and small, have studied ECE theory. I think that standard physics can be forgotten. It’s all over for them bar the slanging.


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