Feedback Activity for ECE in May 2009


The final returns for May 2009 ( are as follows. 69,299 hits from 10,881 individual visits. These read 1,622 documents and downloaded 8.102 gigabytes. There were 85 US university visits, 34 British university visits. All 132 ECE papers were studied, all other papers and books were studied. The readership was international, from a total of 91 countries. The leading fifty countries were as follows. USA, Germany, Canada, Britain, France, Italy, Australia, Mexico, Netherlands, Argentina, Brazil, belgium, Czechia, Japan, Poland, Taiwan, China, India, Thailand, Spain, Switzerland, Norway, Romania, Sweden, Russia, Austria, Uruguay, Greece, Colombia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Estonia, South Africa, Luxembourg, Peru, Ireland, Egypt, Hungary, Israel, New Zealand, Indonesia, Chile, Portugal, …….. There is also a huge amount of interest in the ECE sister site, whose feedback site is being upgraded at present – that site regularly returns around 200,000 hits a month. This level of interest has been sustained for the five years of daily recording of the website feedback activity, using software by Annexa Inc. of Arizona in the US, CEO David Burleigh. This makes ECE the only correct theory of physics that is able to understand mechanisms of new energy. The standard model is empty and menaingless dogma. As usual in the history of science, the chemists and engineers are well ahead of the physicists. The “prestige” of AIAS is the number one, poll position, as shown by the comparitive impact table on the home page of This is perfectly objective, made on five years of continuous daily study of feedback. This is the one and only way of measuring “prestige”, whatever that means in logic, probably nothing at all. Civil List Scientist bcc PM’s Office adn RoyaL Society of Chemistry.


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