Antisymmetry implies Gauss law


This note shows that antisymmetry directly implies the Gauss law of magnetism, and the absence of a magnetic monopole. The latter has never been found in nature, although as usual there are endless claims and counter claims, a situation which usually means that something is difficult to measure. Similarly, by antisymmetry, there is no gravitomagnetic monopole. The latter has never been found in nature. Antisymmetry now shows that mass and electric charge exist in nature, as observed experimentally. So antisymmetry shows that the interaction of gravitation and electromagnetism cannot take place through a putative homogeneous four current, it must take place through the inhomogeneous four current. Interaction of gravitation and electromagnetism can also take place through the photon mass and the orbital theorem of paper 111, leading to the well known relativistic Kepler problem and light bending.



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