Welsh Affairs: Family Tree, Potter and Morgan Lines


This family tree was compiled with the kind help of Mr Dewi Lewis and Mr Stuart Davies. It shows descent from another eleventh century Norman Knight of Bernard Newmarch, Sir Reginald Aubrey. On the distaff side I am descended from Sir Walter Havard, knight of Baron Bernard Newmarch. The Havard and Aubrey families are ancient Cambrian Norman aristocratic families who quickly became Welsh speaking in some lines, and remain so today. My great great great grandfather was William Morgan, whose brother Morgan Morgan sold Craig y Nos Castle to Adelina Patti. William Morgan descended from two Gentry families, the Portrey-Gough family and the Aubrey family. The Havard and Aubrey families inter married in the eleventh century, being part of a Norman ruling elite that would have spoken Norman French and perhaps Welsh.



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