133(13): The Incorrectness of Standard U(1) Electrodynamics


The U(1) gauge theory of electrodynamics is based on the use of a commutator of covariant derivatives. This procedure produces the antisymmetry relations (3) to (7) by switching mu and nu. Working out the simple algebra we arrive at the antisymmetry constraint (17), and also eq. (18). The way in which U(1) electrodynamics goes wrong is given in points (1) and (2). Simple vector analysis leads to the results (32) and (33) under the usual U(1) assumption A = 0 for a static electric field. Complete disaster for the standard physics, all attempts at building a unified field theory based on U(1) are incorrect irretrievably, and the Heaviside potentials are incompatible with U(1) gauge theory. There is no gauge freedom and gauge theory collapses. Again, these results have been accepted internationally, and any attempt to misrepresent such simple mathematics will arouse immediate suspicion. bcc PM’s office and RSC



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