Reduction to Simplicity or Ockham Razor


This method has been used to show in a simple way that the standard model is obsolete, and is working very well as in the three notes this morning. We are now developing the ECE engineering model, and going into unknown territory. This is as exciting as any exploration of new territory. In Canada, where Doug Lindstrom lives, there is still a vast amount of unknown territory. New York State, where I lived, is the size of France and the Adirondacks and Catskills are wilderness. Simplicity in mathematics cannot be refuted by incorrect or contrived complexity. For example one cannot refute the Pythagoras Theorem after 2,500 years. The best way forward though is to build devices, demonstrate them patent them, manufacture them. It often happens that things have been long accepted, then suddenly evaporate. A good example is the Rayleigh Jeans law, which had to be replaced by the Planck law, another is the Debye plateau in the far infra red. I cured that particular disaster with Mori theory, (see early papers from the EDCL on the Omnia Opera of


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