133(15): Linearized Engineering Model with Antisymmetry Constraints


This model is very similar to the Maxwell Heaviside structure, but of course is a theory of general relativity unified with gravitation, weak and strong fields. It is written out in simple vector notation. The antisymmetry constraints introduce anti-commutators as in eqs. (12) and (13), this seems like a natural introduction into field theory of the Jordan Wigner Dirac anticommutator and therefore of the Pauli exclusion principle. The gamma connection is generated by the commutator of covariant derivatives, so is antisymmetric, but the spin connection is asymmetric. The next step is to show how the internal structure of the linearized spin connection leads to resonance. That will be the subject of the next note. This model follows very simply from the fundamental definition (1) of the ECE field, and the antisymmetry constraint (2).



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