Nobel Prize Nominations for B(3) Theory


It seems that the B(3) theory has been nominated several times for a Nobel Prize. I recently received this communication from Prof. Richard Amoroso, which I cite without comment. “All theories are criticized, while Myron Evans’ EEC theory might be open to more than the usual criticism because it is somewhat avant guarde, criticism to the point of slander is unprofessional …… this is part of the problem, most (blog) critics are not professional scientists. I have heard in direct conversation from someone (to remain anonymous) on the Nobel committee that “Myron Evans should win a Nobel Prize for the B(3) theory”. I assume that this means that Myron Evans has been nominated for a Nobel Prize more than once.” I would add that the Nobel Prize is prominent in the public perception, but in professional circles the Civil List Pension is as prestigious, much older, and awarded far less frequently. The British Honours system is now in the public domain, and it is well known that I have been nominated for Order of Merit, commensurate to appointment to the Civil List. Elsevier tried to construct a SciTopics site on ECE, and the content of that site was transferred to this site because the SciTopics site was imemdiately attacked by the usual pseudoscientific harassers. The motivations for attacking new science are to do with money, as is well known. The standard system is childishly hypocritical, it cynically censors new science, then claims that it has not been published and so cannot be funded. More public scrutiny is needed of the way in which science funding is distributed.


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