Five Year Summary of Feedback


This blog contains 7747 postings going back to June 2006. Every two weeks a short summary of the highest quality activity feedback is posted on the blog and entered into my notebooks here. These notebooks go back to April 2004 and summarize the high quality feedback data for ECE theory over more than five years daily. At present the interest in ECE theory averages about three million hits a year on and It would be optimal if a secretary could be hired to prepare a report based on my various summaries of the complete feedback data. The report would show that every university of any note in the world has studied ECE theory repeatedly. The same pattern is true for large and small corporations, for government departments, military facilities, and individual scholars, literally in their millions. The ECE theory has been checked for mathematical correctness many times in many ways, and it is becoming increasingly clear that it is the only correct theory of physics that we have. Standard model physics exists now merely as empty dogma, and has lost its intellectual authority because of its attempts to malign and censor the new physics. It is obvious that funding of standard white elephant such as CERN must be reviewed and curtailed. Such spending in the middle of a deep financial crisis is unsustainable.


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