Horst Eckardt’s Personal Impressions from Yalta Conference


Here my personal report on the conference.

The signs of the beginning were not so good: my departure in Munich was delayed because the air plane had to be exchanged due to technical problems. There was enough time left to reach my second flight in Kiev, but this flight had been cancelled so that I arrived in Simferopol at about 1.30 a.m. Fortunately I was able to have the taxi driver instructed so that I was picked up and arrived at Goursuf at 3.30 a.m. All went better with the return flights.

The conference was a very successful event, it was an interdisciplinary meeting with talks from physics to medicine. Italian companies are producing devices and drugs for new medicinical use. Most impressive was to meet Prof. Shnoll who found regular patterns in the radioactive decay and was one of the TGA medallist. He held a remarkable speech at the second day. Meanwhile I had the idea that his measurements could be an experimental hint to the deterministic processes in quantum mechanics.

His colleagues from Russia will report to their other colleagues on ECE theory and its engineering applications. They told me that there is a private research institute that is keen on getting ideas on building alternative energy devices.

I myself was asked to give a talk on ECE theory a bit more extended than planned, so I prepared some additional slides on the fly with the material I found on my computer accidentally.

Another very impressive person I learned to know is the science philosopher Robert Pope who also got a TGA medal. He is bubbling over with ideas and told us that he got so many new arguments during the conference that he had enough ammunition now to sink a battleship. He was quite positively surprised that for example by ECE theory the total energy of the universe is conserved. He will all this mention in his new book with some literal statements of me. It was a very good idea to give this guy a gold medal. He will report on the conference on the “second Yalta conference” after that in 1945.

The medals were given during the banquet which was arranged by the “president of the sanatorium” where the conference took place. Anyhow I missed this time plan so that I did not come in the right dress, but anyway. Adrian performed the official part with elegance as usual. Before this, all participants got a nice certificate of participation from the president.

The Yalta area is a very nice holiday region. I had expected a poor region in Ukraine but found a flourishing coast region like in Italian or Spanish holiday resorts. The only difference is that all is much more inexpensive, but you have to know Russian language to get all you want without problems. The “sanatorium” was the holiday region for the communist party in Soviet times. The local people are very friendly and open. I was quite impressed.



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