Cutting Edge Journals / Websites


The unprecedented international in this website is well known and has been measured in many ways in great detail. So the comparitive impact table on the home page of this website can be taken as an indication that this website is effectively the most prestigious cutting edge journal in the world. The corrupt publishing methods of standard physics have been eliminated, and the result is that papers on this website / journal are properly refereed. Journals published by the Institute of Physics should not be read as cutting edge physics, they record routine standard model physics only. Similarly, papers on the arXiv system do not really have much interest for cutting edge physics. The cutting edge physics is clearly Einstein Cartan Evans (ECE) by international acclaim. Every month every single paper on this website is studied. It is also becoming widely known that there is extensive fraud in some parts of the now obsolete physics theories known as “standard model”. So the integrity of that subject is in grave doubt, and a criminal investigation is under way. In view of this it seems likely that string theory funding for example will be curtailed, and that CERN will be quite quickly abandoned. It is easy to show that the main sectors of the standard model are full of errors, some trivial.


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