Historical Source Documents: Letter from Cynog Davies


This is a letter of 5th June 1992 from the Rt. Hon. Cynog Dafis M. P. from the House of Commons. He mentions that he notes with interest some of my concerns about the policies of the University of Wales in regard to the Welsh language. Seventeen years later these concerns are wholly justified by the UN warning about the extinction of the language. Mr Dafis writes that he is exactly of the same view as myself, that the University should act as a truly national University for Wales, and make an important contribution to the language. Mr Dafis expresses his grave concern at my deliberate exclusion from the University for a complete lifetime, and asks to be kept informed of applications I make. Seventeen years later I am still excluded, even though I have received word of Nobel Prize nominations, and despite the high honour of the Civil List pension. It is my long held opinion that all staff of the University should be fluent in both official languages. Those who are fluent and productive, lie myself are quite deliberately excluded. So there is no confidence in the University, it is in contravention of the European Convention on Human Rights, the rights of equal opportunity and employment.



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