Important Points of ECE Theory


1) V sup a and V sup mu are vector components in different representations of the same spacetime.
2) The torsion can be defined as T = D ^ q.
3) The indices a and mu are indices of different representations of the same spacetime.
4) Everything is torsion based, gravitation is no longer based by curvature.
5) The Bianchi and dual identities of geometry give the field equations.
6) The Bianchi identity is defined by the commutator of covariant derivatives in any spacetime.
7) Gauge theory is not used.
8) Dynamics are introduced by moving one representation with respect to the other.
9) The structure equations and Bianchi identity are used but their interpretation is new.
10) Powerful antisymmetry laws govern dynamics and electrodynamics and refute gauge theory.
11) The original idea of Cartan has been developed. Instead of a tangent spacetime and fundamental spacetime there is only one spacetime in different coordinate systems.
12) It should be possible to develop an entirely new approach to radiation theory and nuclear theory without the use of gauge theory.


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