Refutations of the Standard Model


As can be seen from the record interest in ECE theory in June this year, the refutations of the obsolete standard model have been accepted, so the standard model should no longer be funded. It is clear that the interest in ECE theory and its precursor B(3) theory is intense and has grown greatly over a seven year span. In addition the theory has been tested experimentally and has received nominations for a Nobel Prize, Wolf Prize and Order of Merit. Negotiations were started yesterday with the Xenos organization at the Aberystwyth Technium for industrial development. This leaves standard model physics in an obsolete condition, and increasingly isolated from the community. For example string theory plays no role in any industrial development of any kind. String theory is not scientific because it cannot be tested experimentally.
It has become starightforward to refute the mainstays of the standard model: the Einstein equation, the Maxwell Heaviside theory and gauge theory. There is no purpose in trying to counter these refutations with hyper-complexity.


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