Google Scholar


This is another impartial measure of impact, and it records about 8,700 entries under Myron Evans, Myron W. Evans or M. W. Evans. This compares very well with any scholar, for example the Nobel Laureate Brian Josephson returns about 5,000 entries, and Prof. Sir John Meurig Thomas (nominated for a Nobel Prize)about a thousand entries. Google scholar cites all the ECE papers on this site, and the Abramis monographs, “Generally Covariant Unified Field Theory”. It also cites most if not all of the Omnia Opera papers on this site. This is probably why ECE and B(3) theory have received Nobel Prize nominations. The modern measure of impact is not citation, because that is controlled by the standard model protagonists, now thoroughly obsolete. They simply do not referee papers fairly, and restrict publication to what is easily shown to be incorrect dogma. They block publication, and then claim with great hypocrisy that tehre are no citations. This is because they themselves have prevented citations. Feedback data to the ECE sites shows how meaningless they have become. They are way out of touch with society and developments, and also use dubious methods of supression via control of a corrupt medium such as wikipedia. The corruption in wikipedia does not affect google scholar, site feedback or genuine reference vehicles such as Marquis.


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