Steriwave Plc Products


These are now beginning to go into the production stage (, news section). There is interest in them in Europe, and this week they were successfully demonstrated to the Austrian and Hungarian Governments. On Monday I has some positive discussions with the Xenos organization at the Aberystwyth Technium and discussed the ECE theory and Steriwave products with them. These are efficient water heating and sterilization systems described on There is considerable worldwide interest in ECE theory, and it is now reaching into the industrial sector. Orders for Steriwave Units are coming in rapidly and it is probable that a factory producing them will open in Aberystwyth, together with a factory producing a revolutionary new rotary motor. These are all energy saving products, environmentally clean. Now that ECE understands the Tesla resonances, many spin offs of ECE theory are possible, a dozen or so are in the prototype stage.


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