Overview of Recent Progress


The most significant progress is that the antisymmetry laws have been introduced into field theory, providing a simple way of refuting the entire standard model of physics. This process started in paper 122, and is developing rapidly. The antisymmetry laws have been developed for industrial applications, because they provide constraints and reduce the number of free variables. We are well into the industrial phase of ECE theory, Steriwave Plc. is going into production (www.steriwave.com), and a range of new energy, energy saving and counter gravitational devices is being manufactured by the Alex Hill company (www.et3m.net). This company will probably begin research on the development of RFR, a spin off of B(3) theory. The latter has received several Noble prize nominations (news received last month). It is obvious to all that the paraphenalia of the standard model of physics is obsolete and cannot produce new energy or contribute to the search for new energy. There are three main sites for ECE theory: www.aias.us, www.atomicprecision.com and www.unifiedfieldtheory.info.


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