Book of Selected Feedback Interest in ECE Theory


I have started collecting all my notebook data of about five and a half years on the highest quality interest in ECE theory, and attached are the results for the first five months of recording, 30th April to 30th September 2004. This is the beginning of the book, it will contain all feedback such as this to present (2009). This intense interest has been sustained to present, and is still increasing. There are three ECE sites,, and . During the course of development of ECE theory all the mainstays of the obsolete physics have been refuted in such a simple way that to deny it is unscientific. The attached creams of what I judge to be the top 1 – 5 % of quality feedback, using data from the higher educational sectors worldwide, the highest quality corporations, government departments and military facilities. The complete interest in ECE can be seen therefore to be such that it is the de facto new physics, being used constantly worldwide by the best colleagues.



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