Essential Reading


The Cartan Bianchi identity is centrally important in showing that the torsion is of key importance in geometry. So the following is essential reading, consisting of proofs to do with this identity. They are self checking and obvious to mathematicians, but more difficult for the non-specialist.

1) Paper 15, Appendix C, giving the self checking proof in full detail.
2) Paper 88, which gives several important proofs of the fact that the obsolete Einsteinian physics used the incorrect geometry based on an incorrect assumption of symmetric connection.
3) Papers 93, 95, 96, 117, and 120, where computer algebra is used to show conclusively that all metrics of the Einstein field equation are incorrect, including the so called big bang and black hole metrics, and all string theory metrics.
4) Paper 99, in which the commutator expansion is given in full detail.
5) Paper 100, where the work is reviewed in comprehensive detail.
6) Papers such as 101 and 104, and background notes dealing with the Hodge dual identity.
7) Paper 109, giving a new cyclic theorem of the Cartan torsion.
8) Paper 122 and Spanish translation, giving the proof of the anisymmetry of the connection. This means that the Einsteinian era is obsolete, and that torsion takes a central role in cosmology.
9) Paper 128, self checking the Cartan geometry.
10) Paper 132, an accepted conference paper.
11) Papers 133 and 234, applying antisymmetry to electrical engineering.
12) Many background notes with comprehensive detail.



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