Open Letter to Stephen Hawking and Martin Rees


As is well known and accepted (attached summary of interest) the standard model of physics is obsolete and incorrect in both its gravitational and electromagnetic sectors. A new physics has emerged based on spacetime torsion, and known as Einstein Cartan Evans field theory. It has been accepted essentially unanimously (attached proof of this claim). Einstein used an incorrect, symmetric, connection, whereas the commutator method shows clearly that the connection is antisymmetric in its lower indices. In consequence torsion cannot be neglected. Computer algebra has been used to show that all metrics of the Einstein field equation are incorrect, because they all use the incorrect symmetric metric. The antisymmetry of the commutator works itself through into electrical engineering, and it is easy to show that any attempt at field unification based on a U(1) gauge theory of electromagnetism is futile. The ECE theory uses the torsion correctly, and has successfuly unified physics. The Baconian basics of physics are adhered to in ECE, and many concepts of the twentieth century rejected as unscientific. The standard model, for which you are mainly responsible, is a fiasco, and wholly unscientific. As attached, this is the verdict of several entire professions.

Evans of Glyneithrym
British Civil List Scientist



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