Selected Feedback Data 30/12/04 to 31/12/07


This is selected high quality feedback up to the end of 2007 showing overehelming acceptance of ECE theory and a complete collapse of confidence in the standard model of physics. These data are limited to what I judge to be highest quality feedback, form universities, institutes and similar. They make up only 1 – 5 % of the unprecedented total, which is archived on computer form mid 2006 onwards. During this time I started to record lead papers, lead articles, and lead countries. It was found that every month, all ECE papers were read, and all articles. This paper shows overwhelming rejection of the “criticism” by Hehl, which was met in rebuttal paper 89. By studying the feedback for paper 89, it is seen that it was rapidly accepted by the international community, which has kept on studying ECE. In 2007 to 2008, the intensity of study of ECE increased rapidly (see attached monthly summary). The Hehl paper was forced into print in “Foundations of Physics” , commandered by ‘t Hoft from the founding editor, Alwyn van der Merwe. The Hehl paper quotes a known harasser and fraudster, and is riddled with errors. It just reviews Hehl’s own pet theory of torsion.




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