Call for Resignation of G. ‘t Hooft


As the British Civil List Scientist I call for the resignation of G. ‘t Hooft as editor of “Foundations of Physics” on the following grounds.

1) The journal was removed unprofessionally from the distinguished founding editor, Prof. Alwyn van der Merwe, who is universally respected and who is an emeritus professor of physics in the University of Denver. 2) G. ‘t Hooft published a false statement in the journal and exceeded his authority by claiming that the journal had “withdrawn its support” for ECE theory. The truth is that the theory was refereed about forty times in the professionally accepted manner.
3) G. ‘t Hooft published a paper by Hehl which has subsequently been refuted in full detail in paper 89 on As can be seen from the attached file, the ECE theory has essentially unanimous support throughout the world, and has generated unpecedented interest. Therefore ‘t Hooft’s comments amount to severe prejudice. He has no actual understanding of ECE theory, and published a paper which has been rejected entirely by the entire scientific community as being riddled with errors, a paper in which a known harasser was cite.
4) These comments by ‘t Hooft have been repeated on wikipedia, which is widely known to be heavily biased against ECE theory, and personally biased against the British Civil List scientist.

Evans of Glyneithrym.



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