Wikipedia entry on Albert Einstein


This is obsolete to a large degree. Some of it is reasonably accurate. Modern scholarship on this site and many others has shown that there are numerous flaws in Einstein’s work, and that there attributions to him which are incorrect iconography. To give a few examples.

1) Einstein did not infer special relativity, it should be attributed to my Civil List predecessor Heaviside in correspondence with Fitzgerald in the late eighteen eighties. It was then taken up by Lorentz and several others.
2) Einstein did not infer E = m c squared.
3) As Horst Eckardt points out on this site in a paper called “Special Relativity”, there are serious flaws in Einstein’s interpretation of special relativity and of his own 1905 paper.
4) Einstein ‘s field equation of general relativity of 1915 is now known by modern scholarship to be wholly incorrect due to neglect of torsion. The correct torsion based cosmology is given in papers on this site. Wikipedia censors or distorts these papers out of recognition. Literally almost everyone else accepts them (attached feedback).

Einstein did good work on the Brownian motion and photelectric effect, and in teh old quantum theory, but he was by no means alone in doing so. He was one of many good scientists.



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