Wikipedia Entry on “Energy from the Vacuum”


Our work on spin connection resonance is distorted by wikipedia in a grotesque way in its ECE entry. It is again described by that old lie “energy from the vacuum” and by that even older lie “perpetual motion”. In fact spin connection resonance does not violate conservation theorems and the energy comes from spacetime not the vacuum. Alex Hill and his company are routinely manufacturing spacetime devices and selling them. These were invented by Aureliano Horta. Other colleagues on this website have designed urgently needed energy producing and saving devices, notably, Horst Eckardt, Douglas Lindstrom, Charles Kellum, Franklin Amador and many others. we are working on urgently needed counter gravitational devices. There is a great deal of US military interest in ECE theory (attached proof) up to Pentagon and Tactical Command seniority, form all four services over six years. It was a civilian working in the US Navy who asked me to explain the resonances from Alex Hill’s devices. They were testing these devices at the time. Obviously, these show experimentally that the wikipedia lies are just that. The standard model has no explanation for these devices, which exhibit a kind of Tesla resonance. The ECE explanation is plausible (we claim no more than that) and by now well developed both theoretically and computationally. We no know of many ways of producing these spikes of voltage.



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