Wikipedia Entry on Paul Dirac


Paul Dirac was undoubtedly one of the most influential scientists of the twentieth century and thoroughly deserved his Order of Merit and Nobel Prize. He was a quiet and modest man, and a friend of John B. Hart, one of the early supporters of my work (see biography by Kerry Pendergast on this site). In papers 129, 130 and 135 I simplified his fermion equation to one in 2 x 2 matrices after having derived it as a limit of the ECE wave equation. I now reject negative energy and the Dirac sea, after a lot of thought, but the ECE fermion equation can still be written as a Dirac equation, but I have given a much simpler method of inferring the anti-fermion. The famous Dirac equation was described by Werner Heisenberg as an all time low in physics, the howler of the century in theoretical physics along with Heisenberg indeterminacy. I am less of a fan of Dirac’s monopole. He published only about 35 papers in his entire career, and inferred his famous equation form geometry. The late John B. Hart remembered a lecture delivered on this topic by Dirac. My colleague Paolo Grigolini met Dirac when he was retired in Florida, Dirac was reading something in the library there. Dirac was vastly superior to Hawking as Lucasian Professor of mathematics, the post held by Newton and Stokes. The whole of the latter part of the twentieth century in physics has been rendered thoroughly obsolete by ECE theory but the Dirac equation is in some ways still intact. Wiki elevates Dirac to half god status, something which would have greatly embarrassed him.



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