Wikipedia Entry on Stephen Hawking


This is obsolete in view of the fact that big bang has been refuted on numerous occasions and by numerous scholars (reviewed in paper 118 of this site), so associated wikipedia sites on big bang and black hole theory are complete nonsense and should be disregarded. We have used computer algebra to show that all the metrics of big bang and black hole theory are incorrect (for example papers 93 – 95, 117 and 120). The Einstein field equation upon which all this pseudoscience is based has been shown to be incorrect in numerous papers, overviewed in the attached. The Hawking radiation metric is shown to be incorrect in paper 120. The Hawking Penrose singularity therem is incorrect as shown many times by Stephen Crothers. When I tried to post a short entry pointing this out on wikipedia, it was removed almost immediately by automated software which stated incorrectly and falsely that there were no references to the refutation of Hawking’s work. Well, here they are. All of Hawking’s work is pseudoscience, he is a neo-creationist, not a scientist. I have a duty to point this out as the British Civil List scientist, appointed by the Head of State and Parliament. I have never met Hawking, and when I try to communicate with him he never replies. So I assume that he cannot understand ECE theory and has never read any of it.



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