Wikipedia entry on CERN


CERN is being heavily criticised as is well known, it is designed to look for the Higgs boson, but the basic theory behind CERN is deeply flawed. The U(1) sector symmetry of gauge theory is well known to be incorrect, and several papers in the attached overview show this clearly. Gauge theory itself is incompatible with photon mass theory and in ECE theory is not used. ECE has developed elctroweak theory without use of the Higgs boson, and as can be seen from the attached ECE theory is accepted worldwide by actual usage. So those that advocate wasting tens of millions on CERN are actually in a tiny minority. This is why wikipedia is so afraid of scientific facts. Its science section is controlled by the same people who control CERN. Austria has recently tried to withdraw from CERN, but found that it is tied on to this white elephant by contractual clauses. If it withdrew, it would have to pay heavy damages. The Higgs boson was not found in the precursor LEP experiment, the heavy hadron collider is slipping further and further behind schedule, and recently it has been delayed by poor engineering, thousands of faulty electrical connections. There are fears that it may not reach its design energy level. Its theory is meaningless. The actual energy of the Higgs boson is unknown, and in the standard theory there are so many adjustable parameters that any result at all could be explained by curve fitting. The danger is that tens of millions of public funding will be used to claim the existence of a mathematical error. The wikipedia entry on CERN mentions none of these criticisms, and is heavily biased towards what is well known throughout the world (attached file of feedback) to be an entirely obsolete theory riddled with basic errors.



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