Wikipedia Entry on Gravity Probe B


This is severely misleading and out-dated, because it is known from ECE theory that the Einsteinian theory on which this experiment is based is completely incorrect. The reason is neglect of torsion and an incorrect connection symmetry. This means that this expensive satellite set out to prove an incorrect theory. In the event it produced no result, wasting millions in funding. Paper 117 on this site produces a torsion based theory of the earth’s gravitational precession which gives a plausible result without use of the incorrect Einstein field equation. Therefore as with nearly all the wikipedia sites on theoretical physics, this site covers up the basic errors in standard cosmology. All the expensive satellite experiments that set out to prove the Einsteinian cosmology would do better to work on the basis of a correct theory, the ECE theory. Paper 117 also contains calculation of metrics by computer algebra, showing irrefutably that the wikipedia entries are pseudo science. So scientists should be aware of the uselessness of wikipedia when it comes to real science. wikipedia is fond of accusing colleagues of being pseudo-scientists, and of distorting the facts about them out of recognition, but the great majoority of its own entries in theoretical physics are hopelessly wrong and out-dated. Wikipedia’s theoretical physics section is controlled again by the same people who were responsible for the flawed design of the Gravity Probe B satellite and so wikipedia mentions none of its shortcomings, both experimental and theoretical.


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