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Modern scholarship on the ECE sites and indeed by many other scholars, has shown that the Einstein field equation is basically incorrect due to neglect of torsion, which is equivalent to using a symmetric connection. Therefore the wikipedia entry on the Einstein field equation is obsolete and meaningless, as are all its related entries such as that on the Eddington experiment. Here again wikipedia claims wrongly that Eddington et alii verified the Einstein equation in the early twenties, whereas it has been known for many years that Eddington did not have anywhere near the precision to do so. The NASA Cassini satellite showed that the light deflection being sought for by Eddington et alii is twice the Newtonian value, but this result is not due to the Einstein field equation at all. A plausible reason for it is given in paper 111 in the orbital theorem of ECE. All the 135 ECE source papers have been intensively studied by essentially the entire scientific community for six years, and are by now routinely used in industrial applications. Wikipedia does not mention this interest except insofar as to distort it and supress it, so here it is in the attached overview file, which shows precisely that all the ECE papers are read every month. Paper 122 is a simple demonstration of the fact that the connection in general relativity must be antisymmetric. Again there has been no objection to this result from scientists (attached file). Again, the people who control the wikipedia entries on theoretical physics control the funding for satellites being launched to prove a theory that is already known to be incorrect. In fact, the Einstein field equation has been criticised severely for ninety years, among the first to do so was Schroedinger. Other critics of it include Dirac, and Eddington himself. Levi-Civita frequently had to correct Einstein’s poor knowledge of Riemann geometry. It was Cartan who brought Einstein’s attention to spacetime torsion. The latter was unknown to Einstein in 1915, and he used a so called “second Bianchi identity” which incorrectly omitted torsion. All this is well known by now through the ECE sites. So I recommend that wikipedia be ignored as pseudoscience, and subjected to severe international criticism. I also recommended that the false claims of pseudocritics on wikipedia be ignored. The international readership in the attached rejected these mathematically incorrect papers some years ago. Yet wikipedia still posts them and covers up the fact that ECE has been refereed about FORTY times in one journal alone, “Foundations of Physics Letters”. ECE theory has also appeared in Physica B and Acta Physica Polonica and in six volumes of “Generally Covariant Unified Field Theory” (Abramis 2005 to 2009), available from Amazon. The attached pdf file is the basis for the refutation of the Einstein field equation, using a combination of well known geometry and computer algebra. There is nothing difficult in this refutation, especially for trained mathematicians and physicists.

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