Wikipedia Disinformation on “Foundations of Physics”


This journal is well known, and before Prof. Alwyn van der Merwe (TGA 2008 Gold Medallist) was unprofessionally removed, was an important journal. It published 3,100 papers in new physics. I was witness to the way in which the journal was removed from van der Merwe, following a campaign of what can only be described as vicious e mail harassment by the same endlessly rebuffed pseudocritics who attack ECE on wiki. The journal published several special issues in honour of famous scientists such as Dirac, de Broglie and Vigier. The replacement of van der Merwe by ‘t Hooft set back the progress of physics many years and calls have been made for ‘t Hooft’s resignation for reasons given in a recent anti wiki posting on this blog. Its letters journal was closed down by Springer after taking over Kluwer. In the case of this journal Wiki tries to destroy its reputation by focusing solely on one paper out of the total of over three thousand. This is misinformation at its worst, and will not succeed because both the journal and the editor, van der Merwe, are too well known. Again, the people who hide behind anonymity on wikipedia lie by omission in a most cynical, unprofessional manner.


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