Wikipedia Entries on Gauge Theory and Similar


In the Baconian sense these are unscientific, the most recent ECE papers (attached overview) use the antisymmetry of the commutator to refute gauge theory as used in the electrodynamics of the standard model. The gauge principle has been replaced in paper 71 of ECE theory onwards, and gauge theory is no longer used from that point onwards. Electroweak theory is based on a U(1) sector symmetry, as indeed are almost all standard attempts at constructing a unified field theory. In these attempts many adjustable parameters are used, and they are all incorrect because the U(1) sector symmetry is incorrect. Gauge theory has been known for many years to be incompatible with photon mass theory and the Proca equation. The latter is a basic equation inferred in the twenties. Therefore the entire standard physics is based in its U(1) sector on a massless photon, while in its gravitational sector it uses a photon with mass to describe light deflection by gravitation. In particle theory many ad hoc and unprovable assumptions are used, such as approximate symmetry in an SU(n) representation space. So standard physics is a morasse of unprovable assumptions, unobservables, and blatantly incorrect theory. By now it comes as no surprise that wikipedia suppresses all the flaws. It is in the interest of their “moderators” to do so, otherwise sinecures from public funding will be in danger. These are soft jobs based on the intellectual inertia of Governments.



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