Wikipedia Entry on Werner Heisenberg


This entry elevates the mathematical abstraction of “the uncertainty principle” to the level of a theorem. This kind of procedure is a major weakness of twentieth century science because it is not a Baconian procedure, one cannot measure indeterminacy by definition. The word means that things are absolutely unknowable, in direct contradiction to Baconian empiricism. The Wikipedia site does not mention that the Heisenberg uncertainty principle has been refuted experimentally in many ways, notably by Prof. Jose Croca’s group in Lisbon, using advanced microscopy. Jose Croca is a 2008 TGA Gold Medallist. Prof. Sir John Thomas’s group in the seventies at Aberystwyth observed individual atoms for the first time using electron microscopy. This is an experimental refutation of the Copenhagen claim that individual atoms cannot be observed without blurring by “uncertainty”. Wikipedia is of course wholly unscientific, the advocates of the old physics hide behind anonymity to prevent their obsolete ideas being debated fairly. These same people try to prevent publication of new ideas, and try to destroy reputations. This is a sure sign of intellectual decadence. I happen to know from discussions with Jean-Pierre Vigier that Heisenberg used brow beating tactics on Louis de Broglie at the 1927 Solvay Conference to try to force uncertainty into a “principle”. Neither Einstein nor de Broglie accepted this early sign of pseudo-science. Prof. Croca’s group has refuted the “uncertainty principle” by up to nine orders of magnitude by testing it directly. These experiments were carried out a few years ago, and of course are not mentioned by wikipedia. Heisenberg himself was a Nazi collaborator, and his one, rather minor, contribution to science in my opinion is the recasting of the Schroedinger equation into the Heisenberg equation. The same Heisenberg type brow beating tactics are used by wikipedia’s so called “moderators”, a name given to obsolete physicists who hide behind anonymity to attack new science, to try to ruin reputations, and so forth. This is not science, and should have no part in society.


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