Main Schools of Thought in Theroetical Physics


Using feedback software the main schools of thought in theoretical physics at present are ECE and the obsolete standard model. The former is highly visible throughout the world and is continuously studied in depth. It is the first successful unified field theory, and offers many advantages, notably its ability to give a plausible explanation of Tesla resonance. The standard model controls journal publishing through its control of jobs and editors, but there is no confidence in these journals because they are known to exclude new thought in Baconian science. The standard model in consequence has been overwhelmingly rejected by the avant guarde, but will probably still be taught and published out of intellectual inertia. This type of schism often happens in science, but the unprecedented historical feature is the unprecedented interest in ECE theory. It is overwhelming, suggesting that there is great discontent with standard physics, with its hypercomplexity and pseudocience, its profligate waste of public funding, its intolerance, and at its worst, outright fraud. On the other hand I have an overwhelming mandate to develop ECE. I also feel it is important to counter a malicious distortion site such as wikipedia on this very powerful blog.


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