The Use of the Ockham Razor in ECE Theory


The Ockham Razor is the principle that one chooses the simpler of two theories, or more broadly, the simpler the theory the better. In ECE theory the precise point of collapse of the gravitational and electromagnetic sectors of the old physics has been identified in the simplest manner through use of the indices mu and nu of the commutator of covariant derivatives. When mu is the same as nu the commutator vanishes. This is true for any term generated by the action of the commutator on any tensor in any spacetime of any dimension. In gravitational theory it follows that the connection is antisymmetric. The lower two indices of the connection are mu and nu, and these cannot be the same if the connection is to be non zero. In other words the connection cannot be symmetric. When mu is replaced by nu in any term, the term changes sign. In electromagnetism new antisymmetry relations follow from the antisymmetry of the commutator. These are developed in recent ECE papers on this site, and in the definitive proofs on the home page. This is such a simple, but such a powerful, new development that it changes the face of physics in its two most important areas, gravitation and electromagnetism.


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