Wikipedia Entry on Gravitational Radiation


There is no gravitational radiation from the incorrect Einstein field equation. In a paper such as 108, the well known inward spiralling of binary pulsar orbits is explained without gravitational radiation. In paper 120 it is shown that the Bekenstein Hawking radiation metric is incorrect because of neglect of torsion. A plausible source for gravitational radiation is given by the ECE dynamical equations of the engineering model, which have the same structure as the electrodynamical equations. So if this radiation is ever found by the ultra expensive experiments currently underway, it will confirm ECE theory in yet another way. Wiki maliciously describes ECE as pseudoscience, but these wholly anonymous, abusive, self appointed, unelected, and unqualified censors should look in the shaving mirror one morning. No experiment can confirm an incorrect equation. A mathematically correct and plausible explanation for nearly all relativistic orbits observed to date is given in papers such as 108 and 111. This includes binary pulsar orbits without gravitational radiation being used.


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