Wikipedia Entry on Quantum Electrodynamics


The wikipedia entry mentions none of the irrationalities and weaknesses of quantum electrodynamics (QED), which is shredded in paper 85 of this site. QED is built on several non-Baconian assumptions, on unobservables, or quantities of theory that cannot be tested directly. Its claim to accuracy has been shown to be false in paper 85. The standards data at NIST were shown to be severely inconsistent. QED assumes that there are virtual particles which mediate the interaction between, for example, two electrons. It uses adjustable parameters which are given complicated names such as “dimensional regularization”, and “renormalization” (used to “remove” inifinities). It uses series of thousands of terms, even for the simplest type of interaction, but the convergence of this series cannot be proven. Such a theory should be rejected as absurd pseudoscience, and is used only in the narrow sector of particle / field physics, and then only by the now obsolete standard modellers. It is never used in chemistry and engineering because it is obviously too complicated and unworkable. Quantum chromodynamics is that much worse, and string theory worse yet. Nobel prizes in physics have ben given for these unworkable and pseudoscientific concepts. ECE theory rejects unobservables, and puts physics back on a firm footing. The theory behind CERN for example is saturated with unobservables, and is meaningless to science.


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