Wikipedia Entry on the Schwarzschild Metric


This entry is bogus in several respects. Modern scholarship has shown that the metric of the Einstein field equation known as “the Schwarzschild metric” was not derived by Schwarzschild in his two papers of 1916. In Schwarzschild’s own work, there is no singularity. This fact is well known to real scholars. So big bang and black hole theory are rejected by real scholars, and were in fact rejected by Einstein. It is also well known by now that the Einstein equation itself is hopelessly wrong due to neglect of torsion. So this appelation, “the Schwarzschild metric”, is thoroughly obsolete, it is an incorrect solution of an incorrect equation. A third basic error is that the incorrectly named Schwarzschild metric applies only to the vacuum, or Ricci flat condition. The latter has been heavily criticised by able scholars such as Stephen Crothers, 2008 TGA gold medallist and in some ECE papers and articles. Wiki covers up all these flaws because its so called moderators are heavily biased. We do not even know who they are. This is not science at all, it is street gossip, and hearsay is not admissible evidence in any walk of life.


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