Important New Paper by Horst Eckardt and Douglas Lindstrom


This is an important new paper on energy from the background potential cA(0) of ECE theory, which in previous papers I referred to as the primordial voltage. Computer algebra is used throughout the paper. To chose a few points from the paper:

1) The background energy (which can be used by humankind) is contained in the potentials, not the fields.
2) A general solution is given for the background potential.
3) Eqs. (35) and (37) give important analytical expression for the spin connection.
4) Discontinuities appear in the structure of the background potential.
5) There may be spontaneous creation of elementary particles, giving a new cosmology.
6) An important section is devoted to energy momentum density, which again may be used by humankind.

There is an important need to fund R and D in this area by Governments, and to quickly abandon white elephants such as CERN before a point is reached of no return, i.e. the point where insufficent energy can be created, and geopolitical instability becomes commonplace.



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